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Ruiqite Signed a Three-Years Fluorescent Brightener Cooperation Agreement with Indian Agents

May 29, 2019

On the morning of May 21, 2019, Liu , general manager of Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. and Mr. Shah, an agent in India, signed a three-year agency cooperation agreement on 33th CHINAPLAS.

signed a three-year agency cooperation agreement on 33th CHINAPLAS

Mr. Shah was previously purchased from an Indian importer. Now his project starts in China. Purchased other items from China in the past three years. Importing fluorescent whitening agents from China is new to him. After learning about our company's systems, products and service processes, Mr. Shah was very pleased that we were able to solve their problems together. Mr. Liu also said that all employees of Ruiqite will provide the best products and best services to the Indian side, and provide the latest product information, industry consultation, etc., support for the development of more customers on the basis of the original end customers.. Mr. Shah also analyzed the development status of the plastics, washing industry and the scope of application of the products they represent. They are very optimistic about our CBS-X and OB-1 special-purpose products, and determined that they will develop the industry where the customers are located.After that, general manager Chu read out the terms of the agreement of the three-year cooperation agreement and explained them one by one. After reading the relevant clauses and confirming the correctness, the two parties signed the cooperation agreement and determined the cooperation time of three years. Finally, the two sides took a group photo.

The signing of this cooperation agreement not only makes Ruiqite's products more popular, but the Ruiqite brand is better to go international, and it also enables Indian agents to find another long-term partner and open up more customer groups. The signing of this cooperation agreement is a significant cooperation for both parties.

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