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Application of Fluorescent Brightener OB

October 16, 2019

The fluorescent whitening agent OB is widely used, and although the price is constantly rising, it is still selling well, which is its charm. In the development of society, chemical products are also essential products. A variety of difficulties are emerging, and there may be many ways to solve them, but some can only be solved with chemical products.

Fluorescent brightener OB, its appearance is light yellow powder, melting point is 201 ° C to 202 ° C, which means it can be used for thermoplastic plastic, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS ,acetate fiber. Most of the current plastic products are produced by using recycled materials. However, the materials themselves have not had such high quality, and the products produced are more or less problematic, the whiteness is not enough, the brightness is not enough, and so on. And because of its powerful effect, it can also play a very good effect on paints and inks. Paint and ink manufacturers will also add in the production to improve the quality of the products.

Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd., engaged in the whitening agent industry for 28 years, has a sound system and a strong team. In the case of this environmentally-friendly situation, it is also possible to ensure that there is sufficient stock, which explains some problems. Fluorescent brightener OB is its main product, and we have also received a satisfactory response in the application, effect and feedback from customers. With such product support, what else do we need to worry about?

Fluorescent brightener OB can only be known by the used manufacturers. Its efficacy is not said, but experimental, can it dominate without special effects? Not all fluorescent whitening agents can have The fluorescent whitening agent OB is attractive, otherwise the fluorescent whitening agent on the market may be crazy. Even if there is only one aspect of the efficacy may be comparable to the fluorescent whitening agent OB, but it is not as extensive as the OB in the field of application.

Fluorescent brightener OB

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