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Brighteners make water-based paints whiter and brighter

August 10, 2019

With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, water-based coatings will be widely used. Research and development of water-based coatings have great economic and social benefits. The quality of the coatings also affects the effect of water-based coatings. A large role, fluorescent whitening agent can instantly improve the whiteness and brightness of waterborne coatings.

At present, waterborne coatings can be applied to the floor of production plants, office buildings, warehouses and laboratories in the pharmaceutical, food, hospital, textile, chemical, electronics and other industries, especially for the first floor, basement, underground parking lot and others. More humid environment. Compared with solvent-based coatings, water-based coatings have significantly reduced VOC content, are environmentally friendly, and are harmless to the health of builders and users. There have been many successful cases of waterborne coatings companies in China. The reason why water-based coatings are so widely used depends on the quality and formulation of water-based coatings. Fluorescent whitening agents can play a big role. At present, there are many manufacturers who have headaches. Water-based coatings will turn yellow after a period of use. , resulting in repeated construction, to a large extent affect the image of water-based paint, and the addition of RQT-C-3 brightener can improve this situation, whiteness and brightness are doubled on the original basis, And it can last for more than five years without yellowing, which can make the decorative objects and buildings more full color, completely solve the worries of water-based paint manufacturers. It is recommended that the water-based paint with whitening agent is more suitable for engineering construction and home decoration. In terms of aspect, the effect is remarkable.

Waterborne coating

In the future, the country will vigorously carry out basic research, reduce the difficulty of construction of water-based paints, and improve the performance of use. It is an urgent task for the development and application of water-based paints and large-scale popularization. At the same time, strengthening the emphasis on policy guidance, promoting technology, changing ideas, and eliminating public biases and concerns about waterborne coatings will also play a catalytic role in the development of waterborne coatings. As a green product, water-based coatings are inevitably recognized and widely used. RQT-C-3 fluorescent whitening agent has passed SGS third-party non-toxic certification, and has no impact on the environment and human body.

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