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PP plastic to anti-yellowing whitening agent factory direct sales

July 05, 2019

Fluorescent whitening agent is a chemical additive commonly used in plastics. It mainly plays the role of whitening and yellowing. Because the price of whitening agent is less, about 100-200 grams is added in one ton, so many users do not. Will use, resulting in whitening and yellowing effect is not very ideal, today we will discuss how to use brighteners, as well as precautions.

Before using the brightener, let's take a look at the fluorescent whitening agent. There are many models. First choose a suitable model. How to use PP plastic, we choose RQT-B-2 fluorescent whitening agent. The height is increased according to the basic amount. A high polymer of fluorescent whitening agent can diffuse directly during hot melt, so the whitening agent and the raw material must be thoroughly mixed during use. There are two ways to mix, you can refer to it:

Pp plastic special brightener

First, if the product is formulated with other additives, such as dispersant or titanium dioxide, you can directly pre-mix the whitening agent with these additives, so that the dispersion is better; second, how to use Liquid organic solvents such as plasticizers, optical brighteners can be dissolved in organic solvents, and can also increase the dispersibility of brighteners. These two methods are more commonly used, and are the most used methods. There is also a kind of user who is suitable for users without a stirring process, and the production process is relatively simple.

Fluorescent whitening agent RQT-B-2 is a high-quality product produced by Ruiqite Chemical. Full-efficiency formula, and an independent research and development agent. It is twice as powerful as traditional brightener in yellowing ability. Above, in terms of the method of use, Ruiqite Chemical combines the production process of tens of thousands of users to develop a series of application solutions, and any problem can be answered here.

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