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The new darling of PVC foaming industry - RQT--C-12

October 16, 2019

Regardless of the product, the impression of the product's appearance is very important, and this impression plays a decisive role in the sales of this product. On many levels, the prospect of PVC foaming is very good. PVC foam board has won the favor of various manufacturers with its good performance and simple process. PVC foam is widely used in various products. With the increasing demand for various products, how to make the PVC foaming effect better and more beautiful has become the primary consideration of many manufacturers. At this time, the PVC foaming whitening agent plays an important role.

Pvc foam board

PVC foam is widely used in various articles in life, such as decoration, construction, cabinets, advertising panels, ceiling panels, etc., and PVC foam materials have sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation, heat preservation, flame retardant, moisture proof, shockproof, easy to print and so on, its use and performance are so extensive, its quality and appearance are also being paid more and more attention. PVC foamed plastic products will encounter various problems during the extrusion process. Insufficient stability will affect the whole process of PVC foaming and will turn yellow. Next, let's reveal to you how PVC foam plastic products are better and look better.

In order to make good results in PVC foamed plastic products, it is indispensable to add some PVC foaming whitening agents at the time of production. Especially for white PVC foamed plastic products, the use of fluorescent whitening agents in production is one of the important links, and the requirements for selecting brighteners are also relatively high. Because once the election is not good, the whiteness value obtained will not be reached. If the weather resistance is not good, it will be easy to precipitate, resulting in yellowing. The new darling of PVC foaming industry - RQT-C-12 is a whitening agent specially used for PVC foamed plastic products. Many people have doubts at this time. Are you specializing in special use? How do I know if it is? What is the difference with other brighteners? Don't worry, let me explain to you all.

RQT-C-12 brightener

Many manufacturers of PVC foam plastic products know brightener 127. This brightener can be used on PVC foam board, but compared with RQT-C-12 brightener, the effect is Greatly discounted. The RQT-C-12 brightener is a yellow-white powder with a content of more than 99%. And PVC foaming whitening agent RQT-C-12 has higher whiteness value and better weather resistance than traditional 127 whitening agent. It is added to PVC foamed plastic products, and its dispersibility is better. . RQT-C-12 can not only improve the whiteness of white PVC foamed plastic products, but also improve the vividness of some colored ones, and its brightness is also improved. Some brighteners will affect foaming, while RQT-C-12 brighteners have no effect on PVC foaming.

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