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Brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of brightener OB

June 22, 2019

The chemical market is destined to be an extraordinary year in 2018. Take the additives. Brightener OB is a general-purpose brightener used mainly for the whitening of plastic products and paint inks. For the application of paint and ink, I believe that there will not be too many doubts, because at present, the whitening agent that can be used for paint and ink can only be the whitening agent ob, because its large solubility. However, for the whitening auxiliaries of plastic products, we may have many questions, because there are many models of whitening auxiliaries that said can be used for whitening of plastic products, and the price of OB is usually higher than others . Since there are many low-priced auxiliaries that can also be used for whitening plastic products, why not choose a low price? This requires understanding the advantages and disadvantages of other auxiliaries and brighteners ob to better understand.

Brightener OB

In the case of paint, it is first required that the solubility of the auxiliary agent is large, and there should be no impurities and precipitation, so that the effect of whitening the paint can be good, and no particle phenomenon will occur after use. Looking at the category of brighteners, only the brightener OB has a high solubility, and the high can reach 6%. Other brighteners will  cause turbidity and impurities after use .

For plastics, most manufacturers choose traditional OB-1, 127 and other products. These products are usable, and the whiteness is relatively good, but after one month of actual application, add OB-1, 127 in the products of additives, the particles will appear yellowing, which will affect the appearance of the product. Some professional manufacturers still choose OB because of its good stability, high whiteness value, good permeability in granulation, and downstream customers do not affect transparency when using granules.

Brightener OB for inks

Good products certainly have shortcomings, that is expensive, but if you are an agent for brightener OB and are looking for a good value for money production supplier, you can find Henan Ruiqite, we can give the corresponding preferential policies according to the size of your order and your customer .

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