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Chlorinated paraffin wax de-yellowing transparent agent

July 13, 2022
Since chlorinated paraffin wax(CAS:106232-86-4) is a light yellow liquid, the product will turn yellow when it is added to the product, and the overall appearance of the product will be unsatisfactory. In view of this problem, if you want to remove the yellowing phenomenon of the product, then fundamentally solve the problem, In the production process, it can avoid the appearance of yellow light and remove the yellow color of the original chlorinated paraffin wax(CAS:106232-86-4), so as to avoid the problem of yellowing of the product. 
In order to solve the problem of customer products, the R&D department of Richite Chemical has also developed a chlorinated paraffin wax de-yellowing transparent agent after years of painstaking research, aiming at the fundamental problems of customer products. A de-yellowing and penetrating agent that prolongs the yellowing time of ultraviolet rays. Different from the traditional de-yellowing transparent agent, it has the advantages of good dispersibility, small migration, light resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., and also has the effect of whitening and brightening transparent products. The quality of the product is guaranteed, and there will be no yellowing even after secondary processing, thus reducing the problem of increased yellow light after the product is hot-melted. It is especially suitable for chlorinated paraffin wax products with the best de-yellowing and whitening effects. At the same time, RQT-TS de-yellowing transparent agent can also restore the original color of the product.

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