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Plastic foaming whitening agent KCB manufacturer

September 09, 2019

Plastic foam is different from other plastic products. It has a foaming process, and various small bubbles are generated inside the plastic to achieve the foaming effect. In this process, the phenomenon of discoloration will occur at a rapid speed. It is necessary to add a whitening agent to increase the whiteness at the time of production, and the effect of using other brighteners in plastic foaming is not up to the requirement. The plastic foaming whitening agent KCB can be used to achieve the desired effect.

Plastic foam has the production of shoe materials, incubators, insulation boards, etc. China is also a big country with a large demand for plastic foam products, so the demand for plastic foaming whitening agent KCB is also very large. However, in the face of this increase in environmental protection pressure, the whitening agent KCB manufacturers are in a state of suspension in order to cater to the call for environmental protection, which makes KCB in a state of shortage in the market. Plastic foam manufacturers are also like hot pots. Like the ants, they are looking for manufacturers with KCB brighteners, but in the end they just found the distributor of each plastic brightener KCB and got a slightly lower content of KCB, but it is obvious that the effect is not satisfactory. It is also a headache for plastic foam manufacturers, but there is no way.

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It is said that the boat is naturally straight to the bridge. Come here will make you feel as excited as the discovery of the New World, and Ruiqite Chemical will bring you a continuous stream of surprises, because of the increase in environmental pressure, plastic foaming During the period of serious shortage of white agent KCB, there is a large amount of brightener KCB in Ruiqite Chemical. You must be wondering why Ruiqite Chemical will have a large number of KCB during this period of shortage. It is said that the hand height is not as high as the eye. When the environmental protection is not coming,Henan Ruiqite Chemical boss has seen the form of the whitening agent in the future, and has produced a large number of plastic foaming whitener KCB products in advance, which has long been under environmental pressure. Before the arrival, the preparation was not only clear, but also the whitening effect of the brightener KCB was obvious, and the yellowing resistance in the later stage was twice as high as that of the KCB on the market, which could completely achieve the unexpected effect of the plastic foam manufacturer.

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