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How to improve the brightness and transparency of PE protective film and PP protective film plastic products

September 10, 2019

 PE protective film and PP protective film are typical crystalline polymer bodies. In the plastic packaging industry, it is one of the most widely used protective film types, especially for packaging high gloss and smooth products. The transparency of protective film is relatively high. Below, Henan Ruiqi Te Chemical introduces several methods to improve the transparency of PE protective film and PP protective film, as follows:

Plastic protective film

(1) A small amount of a polyacrylate resin excellent in transparency and compatibility with a PE protective film or a PP protective film is added.

(2) Add 0.5-1% of homogeneous oil to PE protective film and PP protective film particles. This homogeneous oil can be the same as PVC, PE, PP, PC, PS, HIPS, ABS, AAS, PMMA, PET, etc. It has good compatibility and can be dyed into uniform transparent plastic with good direct use. The homogeneous oil is non-toxic and can be used for forming processing by stirring at 50-70 °C.

(3) Fluorescent whitening agent RQT-A-2 and brightener RQT-G-1 can be added to the PE protective film and PP protective film, which is based on the complementary optical principle of the three primary colors to increase its brightness and transparency, thereby forming A highly synthetic chemical polymer that is a high-grade, translucent additive for polyolefins. It can reduce PP by 60%, LLDPE by 61%, and increase rigidity by 8-10%. The primary color can also improve the heat resistance of 9-10 ° C, increase the crystallization rate of PO by more than 1 time, and also improve the gloss and brightness of the film.

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