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Which fluorescent whitening agent is best for ABS particles

September 26, 2019

 ABS particulate fluorescent whitening agent is an indispensable additive in the ABS plastics industry. ABS particle fluorescent whitening agents have always been mixed, manufacturers can not correctly determine which is the most suitable, dealers do not know which supplier's products are trustworthy. So today we will recommend a special fluorescent whitening agent on the ABS particles - RQT-B-3, to eliminate your confusion.

ABS plastic granules

This product has several special effects

1,special purpose.Dedicated to plastic particles whitening

2, The effect is very good. The product effect is twice the whitening effect of the traditional fluorescent whitening agent

3, The amount is relatively small. White particles only need to add 200g / ton, can achieve white bright effect; color particles added 300g / ton can reach the appearance of bright; black add 400g / ton can reach black and bright, smooth appearance .Full color effect

4, Good weather resistance. ABS particles with fluorescent whitening agent RQT-B-3 products have better weather resistance, not suitable for yellowing, good color stability.

5,Factory direct sales. Quality and price are guaranteed.

If you have a customer who wants to improve the appearance of ABS plastic granules now, you can contact us to represent our RQT-B-3 special whitening agent for ABS plastic granules. Our website:

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