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Why is the laundry detergent washed so white

September 25, 2019

Ms. Wu felt very confused: "Why can't my own towels be as white as a hotel towel?" I consulted the washing industry experts. He said that detergents are divided into household and industrial use, household detergents are more focused on the protection of human safety, and detergents incorporating Ricky C-2 additives have obvious advantages in terms of price, washing quality and washing speed. . The search found that a 20 kg laundry detergent added to Ruiqite C-2 low-temperature detergent on Taobao for 200 yuan, while ordinary household detergent is very cheap, expert analysis: Ricky C-2 through SGS national security Poison certification, is a must-have product for high-grade detergents! Take the blue moon concentrated laundry liquid as an example. The price of 3 kg of laundry liquid is 58 yuan. Eight pieces of clothing only need eight drops, saving you time and water. The reason is that in recent years, Blue Moon Wash has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Ricky Chemical to form a strategic alliance and bring more convenience to our lives!


High-star hotel: the secret of self-cleaning

A five-star hotel in the city, visited and learned that the hotel's linen is all added to the Ricky C-2 additive detergent, and is not outsourced. According to the relevant person in charge, this can better monitor the washing supplies and washing quality, and avoid the total number of colonies exceeding the standard. In addition, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau conducts random checks on detergents and linen every month to meet the sanitary standards of star-rated hotels. Experts have verified that using a detergent that adds Ruiqite C-2 (high-efficiency fluorescent whitening agent) will keep your clothes lasting for a new life and make your life healthier and better!

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