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flexibilizer-Improve Plastics Flexibility and Impact Strength

August 09, 2022

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What are the differences between the RQT chemistry flexibilizer and TPEPOE? In the production process, the plastic products are easily broken due to the addition of recycled materials. Adding toughening agent can solve this problem. At present, we have two common toughening agents: TPE and POE. Compared with them, the RQT chemistry flexibilizer can effectively reduce the hardness; Improve toughness; Improve impact resistance;the cold resistant temperature can reach - 30, the addition amount is small, and the cost is effectively reduced.

What are the differences between the RQT chemistry flexibilizer and TPEPOE?

1. On the micro level, the RQT chemistry flexibilizer can form a molecular-scale interpenetration network structure. Compared with TPE and POE, the RQT chemistry flexibilizer is more viscous and has better compatibility, which can more effectively improve toughness.

2. TPE and POE are elastomers, the addition amount is 20%-30%, the same effect can be achieved by adding the RQT chemistry flexibilizer only 0.4% per ton.

3.Due to the large amount of TPE and Poe, the material is easy to deform, but the RQT chemistry flexibilizer do not have this trouble.

4. Lower production cost.

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