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Fluorescent Brightener KCB manufacturer

September 04, 2019

There are too many types of fluorescent Brightener one of which is KCB. Today we will discuss KCB brighteners. Which side is KCB brightener used for? Where is the effect? what's the effect? Let's explore it together.

Fluorescent brightener KCB is a chemical high article, alias KCB; 1,4-bis(benzoxazolyl-2-yl)naphthalene; FBA367; fluorescent Brightener KCB; is used for the synthesis of synthetic fibers and plastics White, can be used for plastic film, compression molding materials, whitening of injection molding materials, and can also be used for whitening of polyester fibers and dyes, natural paints. Of course, it can also be used in EVA, PVC shoe foam materials. Kcb fluorescent whitening agent has the advantages of extremely high whiteness value, strong melting point, high temperature resistance, strong stability and dispersion, and high weather resistance.

Factory Show

Fluorescent Brightener KCB has always been more than 300,000 tons. Because the processing technology is more complicated, the raw materials are not easy to find, and there are very few manufacturers producing kcb fluorescent whitening agents. There are only three in China, so the technical content, The request is still very big! In this year's kcb market has been relatively out of stock, but also because of environmental protection, raw materials out of stock problems, almost all manufacturers have also stopped production, resulting in the price of kcb pure powder has been skyrocketing! Even if you can't buy the goods, in this special market, many manufacturers who need kcb fluorescent whitening agents are helpless.

Where are the manufacturers of kcb? Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd., with 28 years of production experience, is a fluorescent Brightener intermediate (raw material) and fluorescent Brightener production and research and development, is also the only manufacturer in China to produce fluorescent Brightener raw materials and finished products. Therefore, Ruiqite Chemical has the right to speak in the industry. In Ruiqite, there will be no shortage of out-of-stock inventory, and the products produced are high in content, good in quality and strong in performance. Henan Ruiqite Chemical welcomes your participation and cooperation.


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