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The difference between the application of fluorescent whitening agent and titanium white powder in plastics

September 04, 2019

Fluorescent whitening agents and titanium dioxide are commonly used plastic whitening assistants, but the difference between the two is quite large, titanium white powder is a simple physical whitening, and fluorescent whitening agents are optical whitening. Titanium dioxide and fluorescent whitening agents are widely used. The following is a detailed description of the performance of both.


Titanium dioxide is a very good white pigment widely used in plastic pipe profiles and it is also a very good light shielding agent. Rutile type (R type) titanium dioxide has a relative density of 4.26 and a refractive index of 2.72. It can reflect or refract most of visible light, and can completely absorb ultraviolet light with a wavelength of less than 410 nm. It has good heat resistance and weather resistance, and has a strong effect of shielding ultraviolet rays. One of the important raw materials for weather resistance of profiles is that the addition of titanium dioxide to the polymer material increases the viscosity, reduces the fluidity, and increases the torque, which makes it difficult to process. Generally, about 5 parts can be added, but generally only the whiteness of titanium dioxide is added. Less than required, a small amount of fluorescent whitening agent should be added.

Fluorescent whitening agent is a special kind of powdery organic matter, which can absorb ultraviolet light below 400nm, convert the absorbed energy, radiate purple or blue fluorescence of 400-500nm, and compensate for the loss of matrix reflection. Purple or blue wavelength. Therefore, it can be said that the fluorescent whitening agent not only whitens but also has a certain ultraviolet absorption effect. Ruiqite's fluorescent whitening agent is widely used in plastics. It has introduced advanced technology from Germany. It is a rare whitening agent in China. It is very effective in plastics!

The fluorescent whitening agent of Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. uses special-purpose technology on plastic to produce fluorescent whitening agent suitable for your product. At the same time, our fluorescent whitening agent is better with alloy red stone titanium dioxide. Welcome to consult the application!


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