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Fluorescent whitening agent in the plastics industry

September 26, 2019

Plastics are important materials that have been rapidly developed in recent years, using synthetic or natural polymer compounds as the basic components, which can be plastically molded during processing, and the products can finally maintain a constant shape. Most of these plastics are based on synthetic resins.

plastic products

Because plastics are generally light, insulating, corrosion-resistant, friction-resistant, easy to process, and aesthetically pleasing, they can be used as structural materials and insulating materials, so they are widely used in aerospace, automotive, marine, machinery, chemical, construction, and daily necessities industries. Many plastic products have replaced metal products and wood products, which can be seen everywhere.

 The rapid advancement of the plastics industry has also contributed to the development of plastic coloring processes. Plastic coloring has become an important part of modern plastic processing. Colorful, glamorous plastic products enrich the market and beautify our environment and life. One of the most important reasons why plastic steel doors and windows, water pipes and the like are seen in our daily life is the use of "fluorescent whitening agents".

Ruiqite's fluorescent whitening agent is widely used in various plastic products, including fluorescent whitening agent for PVC pipe profile, fluorescent whitening agent for PP woven bag, fluorescent whitening agent for masterbatch, PE blown film, and special film for calendering film. White agents, etc., all kinds of plastic products that we see in daily life can be widely used, small additives, large acts, low dosage and good effect, presenting a beautiful landscape for our daily life!

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