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How fluorescent whitening agents can be used in textiles to prevent yellowing and solutions

September 26, 2019

The fluorescent whitening agent is mainly due to the fact that the whitening agent contains a conjugated double bond system and has good planarity. This special molecular structure can absorb ultraviolet rays in sunlight (wavelength of 300-400 nm) under sunlight. The blue-violet light (wavelength is 420-500 nm), the blue-violet light is mixed with the yellow light on the fiber or the fabric to become white light, so that the fiber or fabric is significantly whitened.

Fluorescent whitening agents often appear yellowish during the printing and dyeing process, mainly due to the following reasons:

1. excessive use too much.

2.the whitening of fluorescent whitening agent is only optical brightening complementary color, and can not replace chemical bleaching, so before processing fluorescent whitening, it is necessary to pre-process the processed varieties, or use the pre-treatment whitening one-bath processing. Fabric.

3. When the bleached fabric is improperly stored, when there is gas such as acid or chlorine in the place where it is stored, the yellowing of the fabric and the spots of the fabric will be expanded into dots, surfaced and permeated to the upper and lower layers of the fabric.

4.the water quality is not pure, high hardness or contains heavy metal ions, affecting the whitening effect.

Fluorescent whitening agent


1. The fluorescent whitening agent selected should be selected from products with good acid resistance.

3, the choice of softener. 4, processing fabrics should avoid contact with gases such as acid or chlorine.

5. Control the water quality and use soft water as much as possible. The water hardness is high and the whitening effect will decrease.

 6. Select brightener with good weather resistance. Ruiqite chemical expert team has been focusing on R&D, production and application of fluorescent whitening agent for 28 years. RQT-C-2 high-efficiency fluorescent whitening agent for papermaking, textile and bleaching is introduced. In ordinary VBL or CXT, it has no carcinogenic properties. This product allows food contact and meets environmental protection requirements. It is widely used in textile printing, dyeing, bleaching and dyeing industries, etc. It can make clothes whiter whiter; color is more beautiful and bright as new.

Creativity: Henan Ruiqite Chemical produces RQT-C-2, a fluorescent whitening agent for textile printing and dyeing, telling you how to better prevent yellowing and solutions in textiles, and how to choose a weatherable and suitable process. Fluorescent whitening agent.

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