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RQT-SP-3 toughening agent

July 13, 2022

In the process of injection molding, we often encounter the brittleness of injection molded products. There are many reasons for the brittleness of injection molded products. Among them, due to the excessive heating and shearing of plastic in the barrel, the plastic is easy to age. , making the product brittle. In the case of low temperature, it is easy to be brittle and fractured, or it is contaminated by other plastics, bad additives, dust impurities, etc., which are all causes of brittleness. In the end, there may be some defective finished products. To avoid brittleness, we must check all aspects of injection molding.

In response to this problem, a RQT-SP-3 toughening agent with a yellow particle appearance was specially developed. Different from the traditional toughening agent, its cost is lower, which is a quarter of the cost of POE, which is safer and more environmentally friendly. , The toughening effect is better, RQT-SP-3 toughening agent is widely used in amorphous plastic products, which can improve the intermolecular viscosity of the product, improve product toughness, tensile force,impact resistance, low temperature resistance, and make the product bend at will without breaking . The plastic products can achieve the remarkable effect of not breaking and stepping on.

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