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RQT-SP-3 PP toughening agent

July 14, 2022

We all know that PP is a kind of crystalline plastic, but because adding recycled materials will cause toughness problems and poor impact resistance, resulting in brittle PP finished products, there may be some poor finished products in the end. To avoid embrittlement, we should check all links of injection molding. To solve this problem, a special type of RQT-SP-3 PP toughening agent with white particles was developed. SP-3 PP toughening agent is a product specially designed to solve the problem of brittleness and cracking of PP products. It is different from the traditional toughening agent. While increasing toughness, the product will not deform, with less dosage, low cost, more safety and environmental protection, and will not affect transparency. It can improve the viscosity between molecules of products, improve the toughness, tensile force, impact resistance and low temperature resistance of products, and make products bend at will without fracture. Make PP products reach the remarkable effect of not breaking and not being rotten.

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