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Fluorescent whitening agent in automotive paint

September 18, 2019

With the continuous improvement and development of people's living standards, the requirements for visual senses are getting higher and higher. We can see the cars coming and going on the street. The luxury cars and ordinary cars can be distinguished at a glance. If you don’t look at the car logo, the first thing that comes into view is the appearance of the car. It looks very dazzling. The fundamental difference is the car. Spray paint is different. The quality of the paint is high, and the fluorescent whitening agent plays a vital role. Next, we will introduce the magical effect of the fluorescent whitening agent in the car paint.

Car paint

Ruiqite Fluorescent Brightener RQT-A-1 has been widely used in white or colored automotive paints. Fluorescent whitening agents absorb ultraviolet light and emit blue-violet fluorescence, which is mixed with the yellow light on the surface of the paint film. It is white light, which makes the surface of the paint film tend to be totally reflective. In the human visual, the white paint looks whiter and brighter, and the colored paint looks more dazzling and greatly improves the appearance of the product.

Another use of RQT-A-1 fluorescent whitening agent in automotive paints is to use it to absorb ultraviolet light and emit blue-violet fluorescence. It can improve the whiteness of white paint or the vividness of color paint while reducing the UV to the car. The damage of paint in the paint improves the light resistance of the car paint and prolongs the service life of the car paint in outdoor and daylight environments.

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