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Soft pvc anti-yellowing additives

September 18, 2019

Nowadays, PVC products are becoming more and more widely used in life. Generally, according to the soft hardness of pvc, the products produced will have a big gap. In particular, products made of soft PVC will be in the process of production, or in the later stages of yellowing. Therefore, today we are focusing on soft PVC products.

Pvc soft tube

Due to the different density of soft pvc, the products produced are easily yellowed and become less transparent. Many manufacturers are very distressed by this phenomenon. So how do you solve this problem? Introduce an RQT-TS upgraded version of the yellow transparent agent produced by Henan Richter Company to help you serve more soft PVC customers. This additive not only prevents the soft PVC product from yellowing, but also improves the brightness of the product because it has the effect of removing yellowness and increasing transparency.

The current PVC is a polyvinyl chloride material, and the soft pvc density is not large. It is easy to precipitate yellowing after high temperature and is difficult to solve. This problem has been plaguing manufacturers. Therefore, manufacturers have been looking for distributors who have product can solve this problem.

Here is a detailed introduction of an auxiliary agent. RQT-TS is a product that has been produced and developed by Henan Ruiqite for a yellow softening of pvc soft material. It works very well in PVC soft products. It can be used directly in the process of producing pvc. It can directly mix RQT-TS and other additives without affecting its own problems. Evenly mixing into the material, the effect of the product is very good, and the effect of yellowing is obvious. It can improve the grade of the product very well, and makes  product more advantageous in the PVC industry.

Before our agent had a customer who made PVC hose in Belgium, the pvc produced always turned yellow, and wanted to improve.  Tried a lot of additives and had no obvious effect. Later, the dealer contacted us and recommended it according to the product problem-RQT-TS upgraded this product, because it was recommended to add about 100 grams per ton at that time, it was very doubtful at the time, but the product problem has not been solved, only to try, so take it back for customer test, the result is only add 80 grams solved the customer's problem.This agent has also become a long-term agent of our company's soft PVC products , bringing good products to more customers.

RQT-TS special additives

Therefore, if you have a soft PVC product, a customer who wants to solve the yellowing problem, or want to represent our company's yellowing agent and other additives, you can contact us.

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